Matthew De Abaitua

The Stone Tape

It’s hard for 21st Century whippersnappers to appreciate the impact Nigel Kneale’s 1950s Quatermass serial had on the nation. Back when there was only one channel, and the programmes all went out live, a writer could step out of Alexandria Palace, look out across the TV aerials rigging the dark London skyline and know that…

Meeting Alan Moore

I have interviewed Alan Moore three times. I once asked him who he would study under, and he answered, “Iain Sinclair”. And here is a link to the transcript of my first interview with him for The Idler, way back when.

Advertising is violence

“Dad, I know you are going to get this job. I just know it.” Exhibit A in the Middle Class Recession. Beneath an intentionally kitsch execution, Just For Men’s advert aggressively undermines its audience’s self-worth. It’s the only language redundant middle aged executives understand. Time for More Ties Watch the ad… “I explained that advertisements are…