How to Write Science Fiction

Not that I consider myself an expert. A neophyte, still. But I’ve gleaned some ideas from other more experienced writers and put together an article on writing science fiction for Publishing Talk, here.


Here is an extract about robots:

Robots replace workers, and they always have, ever since a sorcerer first summoned a golem to clean up his lair.

Think of all the people in the public service you encounter across the course of your life: midwife, nursery assistant, nanny, primary school teacher, youth worker, fireman, policeman, lawyer, parole officer, prison officer, doctor, surgeon, palliative care nurse, undertaker. Then replace them all with robots, many different mechanical bodies but all guided by one cloud-based intelligence.

In this world, the machine gaze that first greets you when you come into the world will be the same diffident, algorithmic mind which lowers you into the earth.

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