The Dinner Party Wars

A short story at 3:AM magazine

My short story ‘The Dinner Party Wars’ can be read for free and in full at alternative literary site 3:AM. It’s about the highly formalised duelling that goes on between the dinner party set in London. Only vintage weapons are allowed.

I wrote ‘The Dinner Party Wars’ over ten years ago, and published it in The Idler. Fortunately 3:AM fiction editor Joanna Walsh aka @badaude remembered the story, and asked me if they could reprint it. I published a batch of short stories in The Idler in this ilk: comic, media-inspired, riffing pieces. Often I would finish writing on a Thursday then perform the story on a Friday night at the Idler parties in the TARDIS in Clerkenwell. So the voice is broad and comic. Most have dated but I remain fond of The Dinner Party Wars because it sprang fully formed from a dream, and retains a distinct but fitting strangeness.


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