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Grant Morrison

My brief appreciation of Grant Morrison, based on my interview with him in the early Noughties, an interview I spent mostly halfway up a step-ladder and wrapped in the American flag.

Judging a very short story competition

The glorious Hilobrow.com are running a very short story competition, for which I am acting as a judge. Readers are invited to submit a short-short (250 words maximum) story about a troubled/troubling superman or -woman. Closing date is 5pm EST on Monday February 15th.

Kibbo Kift & The Usable Past

Continuing the series of excerpts from my essay on the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, due to be published in The Idler in 2010. A prehistoric track stretches across 250 miles from the Dorset coast to the Norfolk Wash. For over five thousand years, people have walked or ridden this trail. The first section we…