The Red Men revisited

I was lying facedown on the rug when this new review of The Red Men popped onto my stream. It is by Jonathan Thornton, and it highlights aspects of the novel that have gained in currency in the ten years since I first wrote it. Also, the review engages with the whole novel, particularly its dualistic structure.

The review can be read here.

It arrived at pretty much the same time that I learnt that the proposed film adaptation of The Red Men now has a scriptwriter attached. So, progress on both fronts. I hope at some point to see The Red Men published in the US alongside my subsequent two SF novels IF THEN and The Destructives. If only to complete this loose trilogy, a concept I explored further for Sci-Fi Bulletin.


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  1. Tircuit
    30/03/2016 at 3:47 pm

    Oh, I guess this answers my question posed elsewhere about why US Amazon doesn’t carry this book: It hasn’t been published in the US. Thanks!

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