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Dr Easy the short film from Shynola based on Matthew De Abaitua's novel The Red Men

Dr Easy and the police

Shynola’s production diary of the making of Dr Easy, their short film or teaser for their full-length adaptation of my novel The Red Men, is now up:

Tom Hollander, Geraldine James and Alex McQueen star, and the film was shot by Barry Ackroyd, cinematographer on The Hurt Locker and many Ken Loach films from Ladybird, Ladybird to Looking for Eric.

Shynola are working with visual effects studio Jellyfish to bring to life the robot of the title, Dr Easy. In the book, Dr Easy is tall and light, the bodies fairly disposable and a mere casing for an intelligence that exists in the cloud.

Dr Easy from Shynola's film Dr Easy

Dr Easy descending stairs

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